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Alright guys, for starters this movie is listed as a "physiological thriller". I don't know what whatever genius decided that was smoking, but this movie, if anything is a dark horror comedy. That might just be me though, but take my word over theirs since I'm always right (...right?). I found humor in just about the entire film, and did I mention it stars David Hyde Pierce as Warwick Wilson? I just thought of Frasier the entire time and laughed because it made everything he did that much more ridiculous. Niles really lost his shit...and did his own make up (if you end up seeing this you'll get the joke).

The movies pretty straight forward, so I'll give you the gist without spoiling too much since this is one of those "have to see for yourself" (and well worth it) kind of flicks. Basically, a career criminal named John Taylor has just robbed a bank for $300,000 bones. Looking for a place to hide (and now having an injured foot), he tries to sweet talk his way into a ladies house telling her he's a fellow Jehovah's witness. She basically calls him out on being a liar and sends him on his merry way. Eventually John finds his way over to the neighbors house after rummaging through their mail to find a post card sent from Australia from a girl named "Julia". He sees this as an opportunity to lay-low and goes to Warwick's door posing as a mutual friend.

Warwick answers the door mid prep for a fancy dinner party he's hosting that's about to go under way. Not being able to turn down a friend in need of Julia's he lets John in. They start shooting the shit about Julia and their adventures in Australia and Warwick offers John a glass of wine. This is when the fun begins.

Warwick decides to turn on the radio as he continues to prepare for the party. Realizing that the station is broadcasting details about the bank heist, John's true colors finally show and he makes an attempt to take Warwick hostage. Unfortunately Warwick has other plans for John, who soon realizes he's been drugged and blacks out. He eventually wakes up drowsy and incoherent tied to a chair at the head of the dinner table where Warwick and his "guests" are enjoying some roast duck. Unfortunately (again) for John, these aren't your average run of the mill dinner guests. From here is when the movie gets pretty crazy and did I mention hilarious. Turns out Warwick is a complete psychopath. Who knew? The rest of the movie is chock full of awesomeness and one amazing dance number.

To sum it up, this movie rules and everyone should see it. It started out as a 26 minute short film and I'm really glad it finally became a feature length. David Hyde Pierce really steals the show as Warwick Wilson and I couldn't think of anyone better suited to play the part. You could say he really is the perfect host. Definitely check this film out, from one horror fan to another.

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Reviewed by JimEatsBrains