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THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA... you can probably guess from the title that this flick is gonna be an Asian horror movie, right? But what does that really mean to us? Oh, I bet you know, it's gonna mean that this is yet another one of those wonderful Chinese CATEGORY 3 flicks that dish out a heaping helping of explicit rape sex scenes, colorfully crimson-covered outrageous gore, and loads of that eye-pleasing exploitation and vividly violent abuse towards women that we have all grown to love and desperately expect to see in the "Shock Cinema of Asia". Ah, it just warms the old horror hound heart, doesn't it?!

Anyway, first things first, if the legendary maestros of sleaze, the SHAW BROTHERS were to make a new film for this generation, then I believe THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA would be the one. It's a modern take on the old school C3 exploitation genre. This tale of Chinese supernatural spookiness directed by CHIN MAN KAN stars the exquisitely enchanting ELLEN CHAN (man-oh-man, would she please do porn!) and horror mainstay LILY CHUNG (that poor tormented sweetheart from RED TO KILL and DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS) as hapless victims (once again) caught up in a mysterious web of chaotic black magic craziness and supra-creative voodoo cult style killings.

May's (ELLEN CHAN) boyfriend, Bon and his buddies travel from Hong Kong to Thailand while on vacation sightseeing. There they get mixed up with some local Triad gang action during their stop at a casino and they have to make a break for it and flee into the countryside. After loosing the persuing gang members, they stumble upon a practicing warlock who's about to do battle with a rival wizard. The two magic-users fight it out in a scene that has to be witnessed to be fully appreciated for it's truely exploitive nature (the rival wizard has sexual intercourse with his female cohort while floating through the air to activate his black magic spells). But when it's all said and done, our group's buddy warlock defeats the bad wizard and the bunch celebrate the night away. But during this time, the warlock's daughter meets and falls in love with May's boyfriend. He declines her sexual advances (I would too considering that I have ELLEN CHAN waiting for me back at home) so she convinces her father to place a spell on him so they can get together and make a bunch of babies.

Well, as you can expect, the spell goes awry, actually affecting his three friends instead, and they all rush about to get alittle nookie from the warlock's daughter. And you guessed it, she's violated and raped repeatedly and finally manages to get herself impaled on a knife while trying to defend her "private no-no spots" from prying paws. So with all that chaos now over, the warlock stumbles in and finds his dead daughter. He naturally becomes enraged and commences to "off" the group one by one in niffty, super juicy, cult-like magical ways.

One of the sorry-ass bastards is forced to feed on his own flesh, cannibal style, and ends up eating himself to death (literally that is) as another has nails forced into his face and skull (ala CLIVE BARKER's HELLRAISER pain-addict Cenobite, PINHEAD) and not to mention, one of them is cursed to see living people as undead zombies which promptly causes him to slay everyone he meets and in the end, himself as well. But that's not enough for our pissed off warlock. He has to make things even by raping Bon's girlfriend May, and again, in another enjoyable exploitive sex scene, we see the deliciously beautiful ELLEN CHAN hoisted high into the air, stripped of her clothes (finally!), and raped by a semi-transparent ghost-like figure over and over.

Needless to say, it's great mental mayhem, murderous fun, and lovely deviance that ONLY the Chinese can come up with. One last example to prove this point is when the warlock curses one of the guys for being a "dick head". The poor fella's head actually turns into a giant penis (with eyes and a mouth, no less!) and he runs around pissing from the top of it when he gets frightened. Hmmm... it must something in the water over there because you WON'T see those kinds of things anywhere else. And I'd be willing to bet you on that too!

Reviewed by DevilMan