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Well, in the "Underground Cinema", you'll certainly meet all kinds of strange, disgusting, repulsive, and unredeemable people (it's the nature of the beast, I guess). But I have to admit that good old fat-faced Chinese scumbag, ANTHONY WONG takes the cake for the the MOST repugnant, appalling man in existence. I mean, this guy displays just about everything that's entirely loathsome in the human male psyche. And from what I hear, as disturbing as this may seem, this is a very similar character to his other over-the-top Category 3 chunkblow-o-rama, THE UNTOLD STORY (aka HUMAN MEAT PIES) so I guess Chinese director HERMAN YAU (who also directed THE UNTOLD STORY) must have needed that extra helping of MR. WONG to satisfy his cravings to induce sheer nausea onto his audience.

Now as close minded as this may sound (I'm usually NOT like this), no matter what this actor has done in the past (co-starred in such hits as THE MISSION, the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS series, and A MAN CALLED HERO) or what he plans to do in the future, without a doubt, he'll always be that same sorry, nasty piece of shit "Meat Fucker" that we unfortunately got to see in this mess of a movie. And don't you dare ask me about the "Meat Fucking" either, you'll just have to watch that sickening scene for yourself. But, ya know, if you really think about it, my statement only flatters MR. WONG in his acting ability because if he's able to provoke that kind of reaction from a hardcore C3 sleaze viewer, especially one as jaded as I am, it means he's really got that "Magic Touch", I suppose.

Anyway, the movie has a pretty simple premise for a story though, supra-degenerate WONG plays a derranged serial killer who flees Hong Kong after commiting multiple murders and ends up contracting the Ebola Virus during his brief hideout in Africa. How did he get the virus, you ask? Well, what better way than to viciously rape a poor native girl who's been infected and has passed out all alone in the wilderness. He spots her and quickly takes sexual liberties with the lass before she can wake up. He contracts the disease as she goes into convulsions and spits vomit into his face. She then tenses up (with the grip of the death nerve), holding him inside of her. To free himself, he's forced to bash her head open with a large rock while screaming, "Gimme back my dick!". Yup, as I said before, this man is totally without any sort of basic human morals or scrupples. So, after comitting several new murders in Africa, he returns to Hong Kong with some stolen cash to start all over again. But now he's an Ebola carrier and he's spreading the deadly virus (which, by the way, doesn't kill him, he's the new host) by serving food to the public, through the joys of prostitution, murdering anyone that bothers him, and however else he can get away with it. The sky's the limit when it comes to the depths of onscreen outrage that's thrown at us in this flick.

But, unfortunately, this same appealing insanity that I had hoped to witness actually kinda ruined the movie for me. After alittle exposure to MR. WONG's behavior, I really wasn't offended at what was happening. I simply found myself laughing, and trying to guess what the next nastiest thing he could do would be. And that, in my opinion, is the ultimate downfall for this despicable Chinese Category 3 shocker. I quickly forgot that the film should be disturbing in it's presentation of absolute human wickedness and saw it as somewhat of a slapstick and downright silly waste of a potentially fantastic idea which is really a shame because I had such high hopes for this lowdown, sucker-punching sleazer. Now, don't get me wrong, there's quite enough "unspeakable acts of exaggerated revulsion" to go around and you'll certainly see things that no human being should ever have to see (whether it's fictitious or not) but I felt this entire experience was lost in the extremely over-the-top, almost comedic antics of the films's "bad guy". Oh well...

Reviewed by DevilMan