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Well now, to be quite honest with you, I'm just not too sure what to make of this movie. It's clearly another one of those vile sleazy heart-pounding, bile-churning, vomit-inducing Oriental Category 3 "BODY HORROR" flicks and it's ultimate aim is to inflict as much pain as possible onto the hapless victim of the movie... as well as the film's viewers.

Chinese director BENNIE CHAN got the story going fast and furious right from the start though. The Hong Kong police bust in, discover the boiled remains of the deceased girl (and hooker by profession) in question, and nab the suspected evil-doers (led by the bloodthristy pimp Hok, perfectly played by actor WAYNE LAI from the lovable and laughable BIO ZOMBIE flick). So through their detailed confessions to the cops, the tragic story is now told to us as flashbacks from the beginning. And trust me when I tell you this, it's a emotionally sobbering, very powerful depressing film with the subject matter being of the MOST extreme in nature.

I will say that I do really LOVE the name of this movie (THE HUMAN PORK CHOP) but watching the movie is, indeed, a totally different disgusting animal altogether. Even though it's not nearly as ultra graphic in it's over-the-top malicious realism as the popular Japanese snuff-wannabe murder movie series, GUINEA PIG, it is still pretty damn painful punishment to view in it's entirety none-the-less. Yet I suppose that if you're a true sadist, then you're probably into seeing a scummy group of some really unlikable people do VERY bad things to a defenseless girl. If you enjoy witnessing a person (let's do this in degrees shall we) kidnap, mistreat, humiliate, degrade, torment, hurt, beat, burn, torture, murder, and finally mutilate another human being for a hour and a half, then most certainly THE HUMAN PORK CHOP just might be your cup of tea.

It wasn't mine at the time. And I swear, the toilet scene was almost enough to send me spewing chunks just from simply watching it, no actual smell or touch required. FUCK! It's something I can NEVER "un-see" and really REALLY made me ask myself why I ever wanted to watch this filthy repulsive evil mess to begin with. No matter how hard I tried to forget them, those horrid scenes of feces eating lingered in my mind LONG after the film had actually ended. EMILY KWAN (who played the role of the doomed prostitute), you're certainly an actress that definitely deserves a Golden Dragon (the Chinese equivalent of a Hollywood Oscar Award) for your ability because you made it all seem sooo damn real (and even sometimes TOO real) from the first brutal beatings you received, then to the gagging "human plunger" scene, and right down to the final inhuman violation and ultimate evisceration of your body.

And whether you choose to believe this or not, they say that this film (along with two others, entitled THERE'S A SECRET IN MY SOUP (lovely name, huh?) and THE UNTOLD STORY (aka HUMAN MEAT PIES starring the one and only ANTHONY WONG) is based on an actual real life and true crime event in Chinese history (infamously known as the "Hello Kitty Murder" because the dead girl's skull was hidden in the animal doll). So it certainly goes without saying that this all too unsettling fact makes THE HUMAN PORK CHOP even that much worse to watch and just goes to show you how wickedly perverse and inhumanly evil some people can really be. And that, my friends, just might be the greatest horror of them all.

Reviewed by DevilMan